Settlements’ sanitation top priority for Ame

Sanitation in the settlements and access to health services are among the top priority areas for Moresby North West candidate and lawyer, Philip Ame.

Ame, who is vying for the seat against sitting MP and Health Minister Michael Malabag, outlined his top five policies today and said sanitation is one of the biggest challenges Port Moresby is facing right now.

Upholding the constitution, land rights for Motu-Koitabu people, land title for settlers and respect for human dignity, irrespective of background and status in society, are his other policies.

“Successive governments have not done that, I want recognition to be given,” he said.

Ame is contesting under the Melanesian Alliance Party and wants the people to consider smaller parties too when casting their votes.

Melanesian Alliance has endorsed 41 other candidates around the country.

“We’ve got doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professional people, and we can hold the balance of power and can hold seats.

“I want the people of this country to give the opportunity to smaller parties like Melanesian Alliance party because it was one of the very big parties during the 80s and 70s.

“It’s better to have a lot of smaller parties forming the coalition so we can keep a check on each other, keep check and balance, and it’s in the interest of this nation that this country should be managed by smaller political parties.

“The danger in having one party rule is that it’s too powerful and can amount to dictatorship,” Ame said.

Meanwhile, he also said the influx of foreigners into the country is a concern and amendments made to section 64 of the Constitution, on dual citizenship, are partly to blame.

"That law has now been amended, that’s probably why we are now having an influx of foreigners, so I want that law to be amended if I get elected.”

He blamed the influx of foreigners in the country on dual citizenship.

“Before section 64 of the constitution prohibited that but now it’s allowed.

"There are two reasons why dual citizenship is bad; there will be influx of people which will be uncontrollable. The second reason why dual citizenship is not good is because Papua New Guineans will escape jurisdiction of crime when charged and it will be hard to find them to face justice.

"This amendment has to be further amended," Ame added.

Sally Pokiton