Regionalism is not part of our team: O’Neill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the ongoing declaration of PNC Members from around the country.

He said this demonstrates the nation-wide appeal of the PNC-led Government and its policies.

O’Neill made the comments as more PNC Members are declared from each of the nation’s four regions.

"Our Government for the next Parliament will be nationwide and consultative, not focused on any single region,” he said.

"Regionalism and selfishness that comes from exclusion will never be a part of a PNC-led Government.

"PNC candidates are being elected in significant numbers around the country from island and costal through to highlands communities.

"When we form Government, we will serve all districts and provinces without bias and advance Papua New Guinea together.

"Ours is a Government that has never discriminated and we will maintain our focus on being equitable and fair for every district and province.

“This has been a hallmark of our Government over the last five years and this will continue.

"The PNC-led Government has a proven track record of delivering for districts and provinces regardless of the region in which they are located.

"We have delivered roads and bridges, we have delivered free education and healthcare, and we have improved law and order.

"As well as direct nationally funding, DSIPs and PSIPs have delivered real change for local communities.

"The proof is there in every district and province that have chosen to work hard for their people in the last Parliament.

"You have to remember that opposition parties have declared that they want to dump free education and universal healthcare, and remove DSIPs and PSIPs.

“These are policies that have changed lives around the nation and these policies will continue under our Government.

“As a truly national party we welcome or partners that have a strong representation in each region, and we will all work together on national policy delivery.

“Together we will continue to deliver for districts and provinces, and together we will deliver for Papua New Guinea.”

Press statement