Quality checks for Moresby South tomorrow

Quality checks for the Moresby South seat will be done tomorrow.

After the final count of box 96 by 6 am today quality check was to be carried out however this was delayed due to issues raised by scrutineers and their candidates.

Meantime candidates of Moresby South have petitioned the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to halt quality checks immediately.

They allege foul play during the counting process in which their scrutineers were not present when counting was done at night for up to 60 ballot boxes.

However, Loop PNG understands that the quality checks will go ahead tomorrow.

After the final count 96, Justin Tkatchenko (PNC) has polled 19, 926.




Justin Tkatchenko

PNG National Party

19, 926

Samson Kirilyo

THE Party

5, 733

Anna Skate


4, 444

The total allowable ballot papers are 37, 741, while informal ballot papers are 1, 635.

Cedric Patjole