Polye untroubled by O’Neill visiting Kandep

Opposition Leader Don Polye is confident to retain the Kandep Open seat with another landslide victory.

Thirty- one candidates have nominated to contest the open seat in Enga Province.

Polye, who had been on a nationwide campaign trail for his Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) Party candidates, is beaming with confidence.

He said, he will make history by winning with an absolute majority in the primary count by 30,000 votes.

In 2012, he was returned to Parliament after reaching an absolute majority in the primary count, with a difference of 13, 000 votes from his nearest rival.

The Opposition leader was hitting back on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who was in Kandep this week to campaign for the People’s National Congress Party candidate, Alfred Manase.

Polye said Kandep is one of the electorate in the country which did not receive its full DSIP funding.

He said Kandep's DSIPs was slashed by 70 to 80 per cent since 2013.

Charles Yapumi