Polye identifies enemy, draws battle line

Opposition Leader and Kandep MP, Don Polye is confident of retaining his seat in the 2017 National Elections.

Polye said there is no need for him to campaign in the district. 

He was speaking to his people at Kalimaga village in Enga Province on Wednesday.

He said he had a huge task to campaign for his Triumph Heritage Empowerment party's, 90 candidates endorsed to contest for the 111 seats in Parliament. 

Polye is confident his party will win the most seats and form the next government.

"You (people) are fighting a battle with the people of Ialibu-Pangia (electorate of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill)," he told a cheering crowd.

Drawing a battle line, he said he was only competing with PM O'Neill and not his rival candidates this election to wrestle away the leadership.

He said the government had created the economic mess which the citizens are feeling its pinch.

"There are no medicines in hospitals nationwide. Corruption has reached unprecedented levels. There is a delay in Tuition Fee Free funds and public service salary.

There are 30 candidates nominated to contest the Kandep Open seat.

Charles Yapumi