Polye appeals for fair play in counting

Opposition Leader and incumbent member for Kandep, Don Polye, is calling on candidates to play fair and allow the votes of the people to speak.

He expressed disappointment at the pace at which counting has been conducted so far for the Kandep Open seat at the Wabag counting centre.

With just 13 ballot boxes remaining for counting, he said counting should be expedited, adding a winner should have been declared by now.

He wants the Electoral Commission to appoint a new set of neutral counting officials to carry on counting from the remaining 13 ballot boxes.

Polye also wants the counting moved to another venue, following the conduct of scrutineers and counting officials which saw ballot boxes opened and ballot papers allegedly set alight.

The MP said they showed how biased they were by burning his votes. However, he commended security personnel on ground for their actions in saving those ballot boxes.

Wabag town has also turned into a battlefield, with supporters of two candidates confronting each other with high-powered guns.

The returning officer for Kandep, Ben Besawe and his son, were reportedly shot this morning. They are receiving medical treatment for their wounds.

Meanwhile, police officers who were reportedly shot are also receiving treatment for their wounds.

Polye said there has been an unprecedented level of shooting the past three days, labeling it as a nightmare.

Sally Pokiton