Polye alleges bias in counting

Incumbent Kandep MP, Don Polye, alleges that counting in Kandep was biased and vindictive against him.

He also said the reports from the Returning officers and Election Managers to the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, are misleading.

Polye alleges there is no impartiality in the counting process for Kandep which has resulted in eight ballot boxes he claims contains votes from his stronghold, being set aside as disputed boxes.

“The people who have taken stewardship of counting in the Kandep counting room, and those that have taken charge of the election process and the counting along with other operations in the province would appear to have been compromised leading to impartial and non-neutral reports being sent to the electoral commissioner.”

He further alleged “The returning Officer for Kandep and the officials there in the counting room are all biased and are anti-Don Pomb Polye.”

Polye says the disputed boxes were set aside outside of the legal and dispute process.

Meanwhile a Supreme Court Application filed by Polye’s lawyer, John Napu, to make orders to have two ballot boxes admitted for counting and to set aside nine has been refused.

Cedric Patjole