Polling Ready To Roll: Sinai

The Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai has announced that the National General Elections will proceed as planned with the polling to start tomorrow, July 4.

He made this announcement at a press conference held on Friday July 1, at the Electoral headquarters in Port Moresby.

EC Sinai explained that the delays in the announcement of the dates of elections were due to administration issues and the movement of budget needed for the delivery of the elections. But that has been sorted and the EC is ready to flow.

The Highlands and Momase regions should start the polling on the 4th. Those who have difficulties and late in arrivals of materials and stuff and you all these other things, they can always vote on the 5th and 6th but make sure they informed and conduct some better awareness to the voters that are affected in certain locations where they want to defer polling.” Said Sinai.

Furthermore, Mr Sinai confirmed the announcement he made on NBC on Wednesday 29th June that the polling in NCD will be on Wednesday 6th of July.

“This is one of the classic examples that we had gone through. We don’t want to pretend to say we are ready and we go but we did not able to secure training centre, the counting centre because when we poll, we have to start counting. If we don’t secure the place and we go into polling without securing the place, we’ll mislead the people and we don’t want to do that,” he added.

The Commissioner also appealed to the voting public and supporters of candidates not to take the issue of elections too personal and attack other people.

He urged supporters not to make any last minute moves, and not to create problems or cause trouble.

He said when the polling starts, the election starts and after we had counted on 29th life will go back to normal so he urged the people never to fight.

“You’re fighting your own countrymen for what reason?” he asked.

“Don’t do it. Think about tomorrow. If you had not planned, you are going to plan better tomorrow. If you did not have chances, you’re going to have chances tomorrow. Do not fight, do not get cross and don’t get angry.

“Don’t destruct people and persons, that’s the message from the Electoral Commission for and on behalf of everyone in Port Moresby, i.e IDE, the government, the Chief Secretary and the Secretaries, and Transparency International, the Ombudsman Commission, all the reporters here.

“Everybody is trying our best to give you the best opportunity and now we are saying you vote and cooperate with us. Good luck Papua New Guinea, Good luck contestants! Good luck voters. Let’s make 2022 elections a successful one!

Frieda Kana