PNGEC Upgrades Website For Better Results

The PNG Electoral Commission has developed a secure results management system to record and publicize preliminary and progressive results digitally on the results website.

The PNGEC says the results website is a public information tool, it does not determine the outcome of an election.

“This results management system complements and reflects the paper results forms that are the legal record of the results, and are completed and signed at the counting centres by electoral officials and scrutineers,” PNG Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai said.

The PNGEC acknowledges that a notice was circulated claiming the results website was compromised.

He stated that the PNGEC assures election stakeholders that the results transmission system and the PNGEC results website are safe and secure, and are continually monitored by the PNGEC ICT for any threats or malicious activity. It has not been compromised.

“There are checks and balances throughout the counting and results management process, so if any errors are identified, these can be resolved at a counting centre and in the presence of scrutineers and observers.

“The PNGEC has investigated the issue referenced in the public notice and verified there was incorrect data entry for one of the counts. The data for that count can be edited, corrected and transmitted to reflect the official form.”

The results transmission system is authorized by the Electoral Commissioner in accordance with the LPV scrutiny manual and Bulletin No. 32 of 2022, on the mandatory use of the results transmission system.

The results website presents preliminary results for all the provinces across country and contributes to increased transparency in elections.
The final results and declarations are announced in accordance with the legal framework and procedure.

The PNGEC office invites all stakeholders to engage with the transparent reporting of results.
The Commission has called on candidates and their supporters to refrain from interfering in the counting and results transmission and from making false accusations.

Press Release