PNGEC has money: Gamato

The PNG Electoral Commission has money to pay electoral officials throughout the country, says Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

“Funds for allowances are parked in the bank, the responsibility now is for the returning officer to provide us with the names and account numbers,” Gamato said.

“Sometimes, on the eleventh hour, they change people’s names and bring in new people and they need to put the bank account (details) so we can transfer their allowances.    

“The issue of funds for allowances should not be the case now because as I am speaking, there is enough money to pay allowances.”

The Electoral Commissioner made this comment following complaints by electoral officials of unpaid allowances.  

Meanwhile, Gamato said the K184,000 confiscated from the suspended NCD Returning Officer Terence Hetinu two weeks ago is still with police.

He said police investigations are ongoing.

Charles Yapumi