PNGDF deployment clarified

The deployment of defence troops for the 2017 National election security operations are based on the requirements of the provincial and divisional police commanders.

Each of the units that will be deployed out, according to the Joint Operation Forces Commander, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel, will fall under the effective command of the respective police bosses.

He explains that the troops will also be called out to high risk areas that anticipate trouble during the election period.

Colonel Wenzel also confirmed the deployment of 20 troops to assist with law and order issues in Madang Province.

He says this will be on the joint request of the Madang provincial command and the Madang provincial government.

Currently, he says the troops will be briefed then ready to be deployed to assist with the Madang police.

In total, there will be an additional 300 standby troops that will be on standby for added security presence apart from the 500 main army personnel that will be on call-out this elections period.


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Julianna Waeda