PNG Socialist Party wants people to vote prime minister

​Party founder and non-parliamentarian leader of PNG Socialist Party (PNGSP) wants the people to vote for the country’s Prime Minister.

Former Planning Secretary Dr Peter Kora said the country needed a new governing approach to move the country forward.      

“Our party believes in 2022, the prime minister must be elected by eight million people of Papua New Guinea, which is fair,” Dr Kora said today.

He also said, there must be a two tier Parliament system to securitise policies and legislations before it gets passed.

Dr Kora also proposed to limit the terms Members of Parliament serve to only 15 years.

PNGSP is one newly registered political parties registered to contest the 2017 National Elections.    

“Structure were we have young leadership program targeting grade 12 students and also a business arm to make this party an institution not for five years and will get dust,” Dr Kora said.

“In full democracy where capitalism rules the economy system, developing countries are at the mercy of advance democracies, we jump into their economy wagon.”

Dr Kora outline its party’s four main polices as;    

  • Make amendment to the Constitution declare Papua New Guinea as a Christian country.
  • Nationalism
  • Strengthen Rule of Law
  • Fairness and Equality in distribution of the country’s wealth to all 22 provinces

He clarified that the party’s ideologist are not similar to communist ideologists. 

The PNGSP head office is in Chimbu Province, with regional branches in Goroka, Lae, Rabaul and Port Moresby, covering the four regions of the country.    


(Caption: PNGSP Party founder and non-parliamentarian leader Dr Peter Kora. Picture by Charles Yapumi)


Charles Yapumi