PM O’Neill ends campaign at home province

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, has concluded the final day of 2017 election campaigning by visiting remote villages in his district of Ialibu-Pangia in Southern Highlands Province.

This included a visit to the Yoko Koya Council Ward, where he opened the new Yoka-Uro elementary school.

“I am here in your village on this last day of campaigning, to open your new school, because expanding infrastructure is of great importance for our government,” O’Neill said.

“We must keep building schools in remote and rural areas, we must keep building better roads and bridges, and we must keep expanding health services.

“Over the next five years, your PNC-led Government is committed to further improving lives for our rural people who had been neglected for decades.

“We have already made great advances in delivering infrastructure and services to remote and rural areas in our first term of Government, and we will expand these programs.

O’Neill said the 2017 campaign has been a time for PNC candidates to demonstrate to the people that we have clear and defined policies.

"The policies that we have presented to the people are working and we will continue to make them even stronger.

The Prime Minister congratulated candidates and members of the public who have taken part in elections in the right spirit.

He visited six villages today, beginning in Yoka/Kpya, then to Weriko, Undayapu, Kerapali, Tengai and Kalane.

Press statement