Pala to focus on good governance and service delivery

Sitting Member for Rigo Open Ano Pala says he will continue to follow the fundamentals of good governance and service delivery which are his key priorities.

Pala says good service delivery system like infrastructure, free education and health care are the fundamentals of his leadership and these are top priority policies for the current Government.

“We are ready to get the people’s support to continue the good work with regard to education, health and the massive infrastructure development that the country has seen in the last five years.

“People complain that the country doesn’t have money but all the money is tied up in implementing projects.

“We have to send all our children to school and train them properly because our future depends on the quality of men and women in the country, especially women.

“When we have women educated there will be less abuse and less ignorance so that the women can make important decisions in life.”

Pala added that when you educate the women, you are educating the country as women make the most important decisions in our societies.

He said school infrastructure and shortage of teachers are part and parcel of the Free Education Policy and these are the challenges the Government faces as it commits more funds.


Quintina Naime