Oro political slanging match continues

The war of words by two sitting parliamentarians from Northern Province continues.

Ijivitari MP and PNC nominated contestant for the Oro Provincial Seat, David Arore said credit must be given to the current government for developments happening in the province.  

Arore said the Provincial Government and Open Members of Parliament did not provide any counterpart funding for some of the major impact projects, in the last five years.

He yesterday outlined that, the K160 million for new bridges replacing the 2007 Cyclone damaged bridges were funded by the Australian Aid Program.

“For the development of Girua Airport, it is an ADB (Asia Development Bank) funded project, under the PNC led government, worth K35 million,” Arore said.  

“Popondetta Hospital operating theatre which will be opened today (but postponed) by the Prime Minister is part of a K50 million hospital rehabilitation program that this government have undertaken.

“Which was approved by the previous Somare-led government, I have to give credit where it is due, but this government came in an inherited this particular project to its completion.

“This also included the K10 million Oro Bay redevelopment.

“I want to set the record straight that the Oro Provincial Government, including the governor’s PSIP or our district funds (DSIP) never contributed a Toea to this projects, this are all National Government projects and donor partners’.

Meanwhile, Governor Garry Juffa said the new hospital theatre is an initiative of former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, and he must be invited to open it, and also be farewelled by the Oro people as he retires from politics.

“Since the PM is coming to claim credit, I feel it is only right that Sir Michael be here.

“We all are supposed to just do our jobs without expecting thanks (acknowledgment),” Juffa said. 

(Caption: File picture of Popondetta Hospital)

Charles Yapumi