Opposition promises K2.1 billion for Agriculture

Diversification of the country's economy is Triumph Heritage Empowerment (THE) party's priority agenda with agriculture to be supported with K2.1 billion budget.

Opposition Leader Don Polye made this statement on the condition if he won the mandate of the people this election to lead the next government.

Launching Moriyape Kavori's election campaign and endorsement at Oliguti village in Lufa district on Wednesday May 17, 2017, Polye said during his first 100 days in office out of the fund,  K700 million would be invested in the Highlands region for coffee and its stabilisation funds.

Kavori is THE party's official candidate for Lufa Open seat in the East Highlands Province.

He said tourism would be the other priority investment but he did not disclose a budget.

Polye added that the region would be grouped  into two zones-Eastern Highlands and Chimbu provinces will get K350 million of K700 million while  Western Highlands, Jiwaka, Enga and other sister provinces will receive the balance of the fund.

He reiterated that for coastal provinces K500 million of the K2.1 billlion would be invested equally in cocoa and coconut (copra) and for their stabilisation funds.

"Prime Minister and my other critics may ask me where will I get K2.1 billion to fund this project? 

"Well, I will sell off the state's 10.1 per cent share in Oil Search Limited and, abolish five departments and the chief secretary's position to save over K4 billion to fund these program," he told a cheering crowd.

Polye said another K500 million would be given to sensitive and delicate Autonomous Region of Bougainville for cocoa, coconut and their stabilisation funds.

"K200 million will be invested in lifestock. Another K200 million is for vegetable import subsitution and to build a new downsteam processing plant in the Western Highlands," he said.

He said said he would simultanously skill the majority of the youths with technical know-how to earn a living, adding the agriculture sector will absorb the graduates for employment.

"Our youths will no longer be job seekers like you see today. Looking for jobs will be a thing of the past. You must trust me on this. I will provide many opportunities for them," he said.

According to Polye, the Ministry of Agriculture and Lifestock will be split into three-Minister for Agriculture responsible for Highlands, Minister for Agriculture responsible for Lowland and Minister for Livestock.

He promised the people of Lufa with the newly-created ministry if they voted his candidate in this election to help him forming the next government.

He said that Lufa was amongst the largest coffee producer in the province.

THE party has endorsed eight candidates in Eastern Highlands. He will be touring the province to endorse and launch his candidates in the days ahead.

The endorsed candidates are:1.Casten Maibawa-Eastern Highlands Region;

2.Heitch Karrot-Daulo Open; 3.Muki Taranupi-Obura-Wanenara Open;

4.Ova Buni Kaka-Kainantu Open; 5.Ferao Orimyo-Henganofi Open;

6.Winch Lee Olbotee-Ungai-Bena Open; 7.Moriyape Kavori-Lufa Open and;

8.Saki Hacky Soloma-Okapa Open.

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