Officials agree to resume Kairuku-Hiri counting

Counting officials for the Kairuku-Hiri Open seat have agreed to resume counting after two days of delay.

Counting of the two last ballot boxes will commence at 6pm today.

The delay was due to administrative issues, including non-payment of allowances for the second shift of counting officials.

The decision to resume counting came after the Central Provincial Administrator, Gei Raga, addressed the officials and assured them that they will be paid their outstanding allowances.

Raga appealed to the officials to voluntarily continue counting as this election process must continue.

“The onus is on us to let the Kairuku-Hiri people know who their next leader is as soon as possible,” Raga said.

“We can't continue to keep them in suspense.”

Quality checks will commence straight after counting of the last two ballot boxes, 40 and 41, from the Mekeo LLG. 

Quintina Naime