Observers’ accreditation extended

The Electoral Commission has extended accreditation badges for Election Observers currently in the country till the end of next month.

Commissioner Patilias Gamato has issued circular instructions this week to all provincial election managers to communicate with their officials in the province on the extension of accreditation badges to August 31.

He said in a statement that the extension is to facilitate the continuing work of election observers nationwide.

“I have advised my provincial election managers that if they have any questions or concerns in relation to the work of the Election Observers then they should bring them to my attention immediately.

“Nonetheless, Election Observers our guests and I ask that they be treated accordingly,” he said.

Election Observers are specifically authorised to:

  • Speak to and also interview election officials
  • Speak to and also interview security personnel
  • Speak to and also interview the voting public as long as they do not ask for whom the voter has voted
  • Ask questions relating to the conduct of the election
  • Monitor the security of ballots
  • Have access to all sections of the counting venues; and
  • Take photographs and make digital recordings.

“Beyond these specific activities, Election Observers are to be allowed to carry out their activities as long as they do not disrupt the electoral process,” he added.

Sally Pokiton