O’Neill: Government confident with work done

The Government is confident with the work done in the last four years, says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

In support of the Peoples National Congress Party candidate Michael Malabag in his nomination today, O’Neill said Papua New Guineans don’t judge them for the good work that they’ve done.

The PNC Party leader said there are too many lies out there and too many rumours that are being spread about PNG being mismanaged.

“If we are mismanaging the country, why are we still building roads, airports, hospitals, funding the districts, paying school fees and continuously funding the health system in the country?

“If we are providing these services to the nation which they truly deserve, I think we are doing the right thing for the majority of the people in the country.

“The only people who are upset about this are politicians and some of them who have been recently leading the unrest in Moresby and Lae are student leaders and so called politicians.

“Now they’re aligning themselves with the political parties who have been encouraging them to be disruptive,” O’Neill said.

The Prime Minister added that this is not the sort of leadership that the country deserves.

O’Neill highlighted that the country deserves a mature strong leadership so that PNG can go in the right direction and that’s what PNC is going to provide.


Quintina Naime