Number Of Candidates Increase In Polls

Candidate numbers nominating during the national elections have risen across the country’s four regions since 1977.

Although the Highlands region has the highest number of candidates, the Southern region has the highest number of candidates per seat, which perhaps reflects the fact that the Highlands has the most number of seats.

The Islands had the lowest average number of candidates per seat in all of PNG’s nine elections.

As the Islands is also the region with the lowest voter turnout, it is the region with the lowest political engagement, and this is still unclear why.

This year, although the total number of candidates is unknown, the Electoral Commission has estimated 4000 candidates contesting 118 seats.

The 2022 election has seen the inclusion of seven new electorates, bringing the total number for Seats from 111 in 2017 to 118. The increase in seats justifies the increase in candidates.

This would give an average of 33.4 candidates per seat, and is higher 2017 average of 30 candidates per seat.

According to the Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai during a media briefing on Thursday, he confirmed that a total of 2351 candidates have been nominated as of Wednesday afternoon but will increase.

He said the final number of candidates will be released next Monday.

Of the total, 86 were female candidates but might increase as well.

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