No changes to Returning Officers: Sinai

Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai has confirmed that no changes will be done to the appointment of Returning Officers as it has already been gazetted.

Mr Sinai said this after intending candidates for Kompiam-Ambum Open in Enga Province, disputed the appointment of the district’s returning officer, claiming conflict of interest.
He said although the intending candidates have a right to petition, appointed returning officers will not be changed.
Last Thursday, intending candidates for Wabag Open also petitioned the election manager to change the district’s returning officer, whom they allege is a relative of the sitting MP.
The intending candidates of Wabag and Kompiam-Ambum suggested that the Electoral Commission consider swapping the ROs from each district to avoid ‘wantok’ system and vote rigging.
However, Enga Election Manager, Anton Iamau, explained that only the Electoral Commissioner has the power to make and revoke appointments.
Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai told Loop PNG that changes to Returning Officer will not take place.

Loop Author