NCD polls: Residents assured of their safety

As residents in the nation’s capital prepare to go to the polls today, NCD police has, once again, reassured them of their safety.

Metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi says police presence will be beefed up, especially near the largest settlements in the city like Morata, Wildlife area, Eight-Mile and Nine-Mile. Roadblocks should also be expected at every entry point of the three electorates.

“The three zone commanders will make sure that there is no overcrowding at the polling booths. You only stand in a queue to vote,” says Turi.

“Those standing there will be searched by police officers to see if you’re carrying any offensive weapon, lemon or oil (to remove indelible ink), or materials that will help you do double voting.

“You will be searched at the polling station and you are not to say anything as it is our duty.

“Anyone who doesn’t obey police, you are obstructing duty under the summary offence act. You will be charged.”

Furthermore, no vehicle should be parked within a 200 metre radius of the polling booth area.

Turi is urging the general public to cooperate with police as they are here to ensure a free, fair and safe elections.

Carmella Gware