NCD Polls incomplete: Jimmy yet to receive report

Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy, says he is yet to receive an official report on the University of PNG where polling was called off today.

Speaking to Loop PNG this afternoon Jimmy said he has been informed about what transpired but needs an official report from the presiding officers and the electorate Returning Officer.

Students refused to vote when polling officials arrived at the venue with only 1, 350 ballot papers, which they say is well below the required number of ballot papers for the institution.

After disagreements between former and current students whether to go ahead or not with polling, presiding Officer at the UPNG Drill Hall polling Venue, Cyril Lumbia, intervened.

He said he will speak to the Returning Officer before advising them what to do.

Jimmy told Loop PNG there must be valid reasoning as to why poling did not take place before a decision is made whether to hold polling again or not.

“There must be a reason. If it is a good reason, maybe we might go back and ask the voters to come and cast their vote,” Jimmy said.

So far he has received information that four venues scheduled for polling did not take place. They include UPNG and McGregor Barracks at Nine Mile.

Polling closed today at 6 pm.

Cedric Patjole