NCD Polling Deferred To July 8

Polling in National Capital District (NCD) has been deferred to Friday, 8th July, after polling was called off at 8 this morning.

The sudden decision to delay polling had frustrated thousands of voters in NCD with the PNG Electoral Commission calling an urgent press conference at 10am.

The PNGEC in the absence of Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai was not able to give specific reasons for delaying polling in NCD, but stated that there were interferences in the election processes.

Election Manager, Kila Ralai speaking on behalf of PNGEC only said there were issues to sort for NCD polling and processes to follow. There were no details highlighting the deferral.
He apologized to the voters for the deferral, adding that he had tried his best to have the polling today.

“I tried my best, I was confident to have the polling today unfortunately in the process there were interferences from the candidates and scrutineers on the overall process and administration of the elections.

“We have processes for any election we conduct in the country. We are trying to manage the administration, the process and the efficiency of elections in NCD,” Mr Ralai said.

“I understand the voters were well prepared and the candidates and supporters, stakeholders even the scrutineers were at the polling sites.  I apologize to all NCD voters.”

Mr Ralai said process and efficiency of the election is far more important than time that has been set. 
“We have set date for the 6th, which is today. But we would not be able to deliver today.”

He told media that there should not be any interferences today and tomorrow, while the PNGEC meets to regroup and brief the Commissioner before going to polls on Friday, July 8.

Mr Ralai added that the voting public will be informed accordingly before Friday.

Carol Kidu