NA confident to win 25 seats

The National Alliance Party is confident to form the new government with a major coalition of Independent and smaller parties.

NA Party president and declared winner for Namatanai Open, Walter Schnaubelt, is beaming with confidence, with the current progressive results of counting in the 2017 National Elections.      

“National Alliance is looking confortable to win at least 25 seats,” Schnaubelt announced in a media conference this afternoon.  

“We are tracking that way right now, and we are confident to have these numbers.

“We are also in discussion with 20 independent candidates who are happy to join the team, in relations to the formation of the (new) government.

“And we are also in communication with other smaller parties as well for a joint coalition.”

Schnaubelt admits People’s National Congress is their major competitor to winning the highest number of candidates.    

Currently, PNC has bagged 6 declared seats and NA with two.

NA Party statistics showed in the top three spots in the nationwide progressive counting, NA has 30 candidates, PNC 31, Pangu 14 and Independent 103. 

Charles Yapumi