MP’s children miss out

Incumbent Huon Gulf MP, Ross Seymour, expressed his disappointment that his children’s names were not in the 2022 electoral roll.

His children had voted in the previous election, but were unable to do so this year. The incumbent Huon Gulf MP was at Zifasing on Wednesday to cast his vote.

His home village, which is in Morobe’s ward 19 of Wampar Rural LLG, has over 2,500 eligible voters. However, only 1,780 names were in the electoral roll.

“It’s happening everywhere in the Huon Gulf District,” he stated. “Less papers; a lot of our people are not voting. “My kids voted in 2017. In 2022, they do not have names. I think I’m lucky to have my name there to vote.

“What can I say? We did not do the right thing during our term?”

The presiding officer of Huon Gulf’s team 5, Frank Inum, confirmed that the number of eligible voters exceeded the ballot papers.

“I’m a bit disappointed about the way ol census officers i bin kam na wokim census form, i no mekim stret. “That’s why a lot of parents were not happy.”

He said as was experienced nationwide, the electoral roll was the main cause of frustration for both voters and polling officials.

Carmella Gware