Moresby North-East will be on lockdown

Moresby North-East is expected to be on lockdown tonight to complete the elimination count.

This was the directive given by the NCD metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, to officials and scrutineers of Moresby North-East.

Turi said just like Moresby North-West, all officials and candidates’ scrutineers will remain in the venue to complete elimination count before declaration and written of writs tomorrow.

After recent delays and false allegations, he called on them to work diligently and transparently.

"I warn any officials to refrain from cheating and putting ballot papers in boxes they shouldn't be in."

He also warned scrutineers, who disapproved of the returning officer’s reinstatement, that regardless of the allegations made against him, he has been given the authority by the Electoral Commission and will continue with his duties as delegated.

Turi assures the officials and scrutineers that after this afternoon’s count, they will be allowed time to go out but after they return, the gates will be locked.

Police will be on high alert during these times until whenever the elimination count is completed or when the absolute majority is reached.

(Picture by KENNEDY BANI)

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