More candidates anticipated in Alotau

​The host for the Alotau's PNC camp, Charles Abel is confident that more independent MPs will be joining them.

He said that a big group and some party leaders will be arriving in Alotau today.

Abel added that declarations are still continuing and PNC might be collecting another three MPs.

"We are getting calls every day from various MPs to bring them to Alotau so our numbers might swell in the next couple of days.

"So it's really looking positive but it's just the beginning and things might change," he said.

So far 24 PNC candidates have been declared.

Of the 24 declared, 15 PNC candidates along with 8 other supporting candidates are now in Alotau.

This brings that total count as of this morning to 23 in camp.

Meantime, Abel confidently said they are well prepared to get the 56 MPs and will be invited by the Governor General to form the next government.

Freddy Mou