Madang Starts Polling On Monday

Madang Province will start their polling on Monday, July 4, says Provincial Election Manager, Sponsa Navi.

He said the polling date released by the Electoral Commission is final.

Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai when speaking on NBC Talkback Show confirmed that polling for Madang starts on Monday.

Mr Navi confirmed the polling date after a number of concerns regarding the polling dates and locations.

A concerned voter said election in the past was quiet and peaceful and he is not sure if this will be the same next week. The man said in other provinces there is fighting among supporters of rival candidates and damage of properties. He said Madang had been quiet since the open of writs and hope for the same during the polling and counting period “The situation at the provincial government office had affected many people and they must think and vote good leaders who will lead them in the next five years.”

Meantime, security personnel, including the Police, Defence Force and Correctional Service Officers are gearing up for the polling period. Yesterday they convoyed in vehicles around Madang town in a show their strength. Police officers will be the commanding officers of the election operation in the six districts of Madang, Sumkar, Rai Coast, Bogia, Usino-Bundi and Middle Ramu.