Madang Records 200 Nominations

Two hundred candidates have nominated in Madang to contest for seats in the six electorates and the provincial seat.

Election manager Sponsa Navi has confirmed that 26 candidates have nominated so far to contest the provincial seat. There are two women in that group. 
Mr Navi added that in the Middle Ramu electorate, two of the 29 nominees so far are women. 
In Sumkar, only one woman has been nominated amongst 36 candidates, and in Usino Bundi, no woman has nominated so far of 23 nominees. 
Mr Navi said 28 candidates have nominated so far for the Madang Open seat, two of whom are women.
In Rai Coast, two women have since nominated to contest from 34 nominations. 

In Bogia, 22 candidates have nominated so far. 
Mr Navi said the province has had a quiet nomination process overall. He said he received reports that supporters of one candidate had been sending threats to supporters of rival candidates. Mr Navi said when they identify those who are making these threats, the candidate that they support will be held accountable. 
Reports have also arrived at Mr Navi’s desk that drunkards have been disturbing the nomination process in Bogia, but police were quick to prevent the disturbance from escalating. 
Mr Navi also condemned this morning’s killing of a young woman in Madang market. He said it was one incident that could have potentially disturbed candidate nominations in Madang town.

Sylvester Wemuru