Leave Hela politics alone: Potape

​Francis Potape is calling on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to leave Hela politics to the people of Hela.

Potape made these remarks this afternoon in a media conference in Port Moresby after his victory was allegedly hijacked by the Provincial Election Manager John Tipa.

“This is Hela politics at its best and am appealing to the good Prime Minister to not get involved in it as it might spoil the good relationship his party have with the people of Hela,” says Potape.

He said the people of Hela are demanding that the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato discipline Tipa and have him prosecuted by police for hijacking the process of declarations, reject the writ submitted to him by Tipa and Undialu and declare him (Potape) as the duly elected Governor for Hela.

Potape reiterated that Gamato must not allow corrupt electoral officials to tarnish the good name and image of the PNG Electoral Commission.

“I am the duly elected Regional MP for Hela and must be declared by Gamato himself.”

Potape threatened that if Gamato does not adhere to the conditions set, the province will be in chaos.

Freddy Mou