Lay Down Arms During Election

Hela Governor, Philip Undialu has appealed to his people to lay down firearms and allow the democratic process of elections takes course in the province.

He made this call after nominating to defend the Hela regional seat today. He nominated alongside Member for Tari-Pori and Prime Minister, James Marape.

Undialu urged the people to assist the Electoral Commission and the police to conduct a fair election. He said Hela would never be the same again, despite critics on social media depicting a bad image of Hela and its people.

“We have proved to the people of PNG that we can do it. Hela will be a different model province as long as you my people abide by the laws of our country. 
“Prime Minister is from Hela and we can always show to the rest of the world that we are capable people that can change the nation.”

Undialu appealed to the people to allow other candidates to express their rights during the election and not to create law and order problems.

Freddy Mou