Lae To Vote On July 4

The one-day polling for Lae Urban will eventuate on Monday, July 4th.

Morobe Election Manager, Simon Soheke, clarified that the polling date, which was initially set for Tuesday, July 5th, has been brought back to Monday.

“Campaigning will end tomorrow, Friday, July 1st,” he stated.

“By midnight, all political rallies, campaigning using loudhailers and candidates’ gatherings must cease by tomorrow.

“On Saturday and Sunday, we will have an in-depth look at the candidates and on Monday, we’ll go into the polls.”

With Lae’s boundaries overlapping with Nawaeb and Huon Gulf districts, Soheke outlined the importance of knowing where the boundaries are.

“For Huon Gulf district, Wampar Urban covers Five-Mile to Nine-Mile, and part of it is in West Taraka and Igam Barracks. Those come under Huon Gulf during national elections.

“During LLG elections, they are brought under Lae.

“Nawaeb Urban covers wards 11 to 17 in Ahi LLG. Wards 1 to 10 in Ahi come under Lae.

“All of these areas are scheduled for one-day polling.

“The other rural areas of Nawaeb and Huon Gulf will continue polling (until Friday).”

To prevent double-voting, these urban electorates will only have one-day polling.

Soheke said in spite of disruptions within the province, Morobe is ready to start the voting process.

Furthermore, funding for Morobe’s polling teams was just received and should be ready for disbursement by the end of this afternoon.

Polling for rural areas will begin on July 4 and end on the 8th.

Carmella Gware