Kua disgusted with ‘kidnap’ incident

PNG National Party leader Kerenga Kua described the action of policemen and a losing People’s National Congress Party candidate as ‘desperate’.

Kua, in a statement, has expressed disgust at reports of the use of police personnel to carry out the work of PNC Party to form government.

"While numbers are steadily increasing on team Alliance, the flow of members elect appears to have dried up at (outgoing Prime Minister Peter) O'Neill's Alotau camp.

“PNG continues to reject PNC and return more and more Alliance members. It is becoming clear that O'Neill is not beyond unethical conduct."

Kua spoke out after East Sepik Governor and National Alliance Party member, Allan Bird, was confronted by police at the Tropicair Terminal on Thursday when he arrived with fellow NA party member, and member elect for Ijivitari Open, Richard Masere.

The pair was confronted by police, who pointed their firearms at Bird demanding that he step aside so that they could pick up Masere.

"National Alliance member for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt, was awaiting the pair at the airport as the police moved in to take Masere away,” Kua said.  

He said police should not be used as personal thugs to collect declared leaders.

“It is unheard of.”

Meanwhile, O’Neill distanced the PNC party from the action of David Arore, losing candidate for Northern Regional in the 2017 National Election.

He said Arore was not part of the PNC executives and he acted alone.

O’Neill said PNC does not condone any forms of violence and entice members to join the party.   

Charles Yapumi