Kaupa Backs Women Candidates

Eastern Highlands Provincial Election Manager, Steven Kaupa has encouraged women candidates to fight for what is right and transparent.

Kaupa said that of the 389 candidates contesting in Eastern Highlands, nine are women.
"Of the nine women contesting, I just want to tell you that you have stood out for the womenfolk.
This was the opportunity for women to vote. We set the election activity plan for women to have their own polling booth as well the the common roll for women,” Kaupa said.
However, he emphasized, “If the womenfolk did not vote well in this election, they should not talk about contesting the elections in the future."
"This is one of the elections that we have separate polling booth for the women and separate common roll and women should take ownership and mandate a women candidate.
"Out of this nine women candidate, if they don't poll properly or do not get enough votes, to prove that they are capable. Then our encouragement to womenfolk do not go well with them.
"I will be very upset if our nine women do not score well against the menfolk.”
Otherwise, Mr Kaupa commended the nine women for putting their hands up to contest the elections.

Freddy Mou