Juffa: Coalition must have people’s interest at heart

The coalition to oust People’s National Congress Party from power must have the people’s interest at heart, says re-elected Northern Governor, Gary Juffa.

In this first term, the Northern Governor has been one of the few voices on good governance in Parliament.

 Juffa confirmed in a media conference today, his People’s Movement for Change Party support for the PANGU Party led, Goroka Camp.

 “I will consider any organization that will form (a government) not a disorganization like what we have endured for the last 5 years.

“The National Alliance (Party) has been seen to be accumulating the numbers, so as PANGU,” Juffa said.  

He made this comments when asked if he will support NA Party if it has the numbers to form government.  

“I am looking at a coalition of these parties coming together, and the first agenda will be at rescuing the economy which is at free fall at the moment,” Juffa said.

“Second agenda will be to review our health and education systems because it is free, but the quality is not there at all.

“Third agenda we must put in place ICAC (Organic law on the Independent Commission against Corruption)

“Fourth agenda will be for us to table these inquires such as SABL and Finance Inquiry, and work on these recommendations sending some crooks to jail.          

“Any alliance that agrees on these, I will work with.”

Charles Yapumi