Journalist threatened over election coverage

A journalist in Manus has allegedly been threatened by supporters of a candidate over his coverage of the 2017 National General Elections.

Journalist in-charge of NBC Manus, Reilly Kanamon, was threatened on Monday afternoon outside his office over alleged rumours of seven ballot boxes being smuggled into the province.

Kanamon was confronted by two supporters of a candidate in the province and threatened to break open the NBC Manus office and beat all the staff.

This comes after speculations and rumours went viral on social media regarding the ballot papers.

However, Manus Police and Election officials ruled out those Facebook rumours on Monday.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, yesterday warned people from making false allegations or speculations and ruled out the allegations that seven ballot boxes filled with ballot papers are in the province and ready for counting.

At the time this report was filed, Police were yet to receive a statement from Kanamon regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, Media Council President Alexander Rheeney has come out condemning any form of violence, intimidation and harassment directed at journalists and their crew during this general election.

“It is unacceptable conduct and as I said earlier - in another incident involving an EMTV crew - candidates should accept responsibility for the conduct of their supporters,” he said.

“In this particular incident, I must commend the Manus provincial police commander David Yapu for responding immediately to a Facebook post by NBC Manus journalist Reilly Kanamon. We look forward to the unruly supporters facing the full force of the law,” Rheeney added.

Sally Pokiton