Involvement of security personnel during elections not right: Kua

The involvement of security personnel during the election period must not be entertained in future elections.

Member elect for Sinasina Yongumugl and leader of the PNG National Party Kerenga Kua said the presence of security personnel makes voters intimidated and sometimes scared of voting for the right leader.

In a media conference on Sunday in Port Moresby, Mr Kua said officers from the disciplinary forces have a duty to do and not to provide security during the election period.

He said elections must be conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner and not with the presence of security personnel.

Mr Kua further suggested that going forward such practices of involving security personnel must be done away with.

He said the security personnel have no constitutional duty to provide security during the election period, but our society has forced them to involve in the elections.

Meanwhile, Mr Kua said his party will be aligning with the team from the previous opposition side to form government.

Freddy Mou