Independents must not be hasty: Juffa

Incumbent Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, has called on independent member-elects not to be hasty when joining camps.

In an interview with Loop PNG, Juffa said Independent member-elects must understand that the mandate they have comes with responsibilities which lie with the people.

He said with a number of different camps being formed, he called them to examine them properly before joining.

“I think this government has performed terribly in the last five years. It has not represented the interest of the people. It has represented interests that in my opinion, are very ulterior to the interests of Papua New Guinea.

“And I would propose that independents not rush and be hasty, not be bought off, not be herded like sheep and cattle to camps, but they should sit down and ask the people exactly what they want and that they should understand that they’re leaders and there is a certain expectation that leadership comes with.

“Those responsibilities are fundamentally with the people and you are there to speak on their behalf in parliament, not to follow others,” said Juffa.

Yesterday, Independent member elects for Komo-Margarima, Manasseh Makiba, and Koroba-Kopiago, Petrus Thomas, announced their support to PNC, while maintaining their status.

Both men jointly stated that their reason to support PNC was to maintain stability and government service delivery to their people, especially in Hela Province, which has lacked political cohesion.

Juffa is now appealing to others not to do the same.

“You’re not just there to promote your PSIP and DSIP dreams. You are there to represent the people’s interest.

“And sometimes, when you represent the people’s interest, it may not be popular. But if it’s the right thing to do, if it’s the just thing to do, then you should not shirk from it. You should do it. That’s my advice to the independents.”

Cedric Patjole