Independents align with PNC

Two member elects from Hela Province have announced their alignment to the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party.

Komo-Margarima member-elect, Manasseh Makiba, and Koroba-Lake Kopiago member-elect, Petrus Thomas, both said today they will align with PNC but maintain their independent status.

Joined by returning MP for Tari-Pori, James Marape, both candidates highlighted the need for stability in government and continuous service delivery.

However, they mentioned they will commit to the coalition if the government commits to address issues in their respective electorates.

They include infrastructure, well maintained highways and addressing issues surrounding the PNG LNG Project.

All these are part of a position paper which they will present to PNC.

In a joint statement, for and on behalf of their respective people, they acknowledged the commitment by a PNC led Government on free 4.27 percent of PNG LNG equity, as well as seeing early signs of a buildup of PNC numbers for Government formation.

“We hereby announce our commitment as independent Members to the Alotau camp to work with a PNC-led Government.”

Both men are appealing to other independents to join them as well.

Meanwhile, Marape was quick to clarify that both men were not induced or coerced into their decision.

He said both men wanted a unified leadership for Hela Province to see service delivery.

Cedric Patjole