I will do what all MPs failed to do: Juffa

Northern Governor Gary Juffa has vowed to do what past MPs failed to do – cancel all the Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs) if given the mandate.

This was the bold statement from the People’s Movement for Change (PMC) Party Parliamentary Leader when talking about their platforms heading into the 2017 National Elections.    

He was speaking at the PNG National Research Institute political parties’ forum last week in Port Moresby.

Juffa said the PMC policies revolve around the key platforms of good governance, law and order, national security, education, health, taxation reform, economic empowerment, land and resource ownership, non-extractive industries, gender equality and Bougainville and West Papua.

The first term MP said there must be an overall review of all government policies to empower Papua New Guineans.

Juffa said lowering the income tax and removing retirement tax on retiring working class Papua New Guineans is a key policy for PMC.

He further added that land is a lifeline to all Papua New Guineans and laws will be created to empower and protect the landowners’ land and resources.

Charles Yapumi