Haoda vows to continue to deliver

Governor Kila Haoda has vowed to continue to deliver services to the people of Central Province like in the last five years.

Speaking at his rallies last week at Babaka, Makerupu and Hula village in the Rigo district, Haoda said that if elected back into parliament for another term, he will continue on from where he has started.

“I think I have done my part. I will build upon what I have done in the last five years.

 “The power is in your hands now. If you put rubbish into parliament, you’ll get rubbish out of parliament.

“Central Province deserves a good leader. If you think that I can deliver again then vote for me. If you think that I can’t deliver for the next five years, then vote for another leader. I am not power hungry,” said Haoda.

He finished by welcoming all the 26 other intending candidates contesting the Governor’s seat.

Troy Taule