Gelu welcomes 10 new political parties into the arena

​Papua New Guinea’s newest registered political parties where given a forum to promote their party policies by the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission today in Port Moresby.

The 10 parties invited to present their four main party policies where; Paradise Kingdom Party (PKP), PNG Socialist Party (PNGSP), PNG One Nation Party (PNGONP), PNG First Party (PNGFP), Model Nation Party (MNP), Trust PNG Party (TPNGP), PNG Youths Party, PNG Human Rights Party (PNGHRP), Nations Interest Party, and PNG Wantok in Godly Services Party (WINGS).

Party officials who attended were PNGSP, PNGONP, PNGHRP, PKP, TPNGP, PNGFP, MNP and WINGS.             

Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu in his opening remarks said: “The main purpose of this forum is to introduce the newly registered political parties to the people of Papua New Guinea.

“Working in partnership with the media this forum would allow the new political parties to introduce themselves and to speak on four of their main policies.

“The Registry of Political Parties is putting emphasis on polices of the parties in order to establish a system of political parties that are driven by their policies,” Dr Gelu said.

PNG has 44 political parties registered to contest in the 2017 National Elections, for the 111 Parliament seats.

The Writs for the election will be issued on April 20.


(Caption: Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphonse Gelu. Picture by Charles Yapumi)

Charles Yapumi