Ganim calls on Polye to stop misleading people

Wabag MP Robert Ganim has called on Opposition Leader Don Polye to stop misleading the people of Enga.

Ganim made the call today after allegations by Polye that he (Ganim) allegedly assault a young lawyer Laken Lepatu Agilo in Wabag last Thursday.

Ganim told Loop PNG that the allegations by Polye were not true and being politicised.

He said Agilo was doing awareness but saying things defamatory against the current Government.

“As the mandated leader, I walked over to the young lawyer and told him to stop and referred him to the police.

“I did not even assaulted him as claimed by Polye,” Ganim said.

He said the matter is now before the police and they will deal with it.

Ganim further reiterated that he will also be filing complaints with the police against Polye for character defamation and fight it in court.

He said the timing is not right for such awareness as the elections are just around the corner.

Ganim further welcomed whoever trying to contest the Wabag seat in the elections and wish them all the best.

Freddy Mou