Gamato urges employers to allow staff to vote

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato is urging employers in the National Capital District to allow their workers to vote on Friday, June 30, following the polling deferral.

Polling was deferred yesterday after electoral officials raised concerns over non-payment of their allowances.

Gamato highlighted that polling is an important process and a democratic right so employers must allow their workers to vote on Friday.

“In the past elections, people have gone out to vote and there have been some arrangements between themselves and their employers.

“With the deferral of polling, I think people can make adjustments again as it is only one day polling.

“The workers have been faithful and committed to their employers for many years and so I don’t think one day off is a big ask, if they can allow them to come and vote,” Gamato explained. 

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission has apologised to the people of NCD for the deferral and any inconvenience caused.

Quintina Naime