Gamato calls for calm

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has reiterated his appeal to supporters of candidates contesting in the National Elections to exercise restraint from violent acts.

He said this following numerous reports of destruction of property, violence, and intimidation.

The most recent incident over the weekend resulted in the deaths of two police officers after clashes in Wabag between supporters of candidates contesting the Kandep Open Seat.

Gamato appealed to supporters saying there is only one winner and the process has to be respected.

“Candidates who have won, have the mandate of the majority of the people under the limited preferential voting system. And the people have spoken through the ballot papers. And the choice and wishes must be respected.

“I strongly appeal to candidates and supporters to respect the outcome of the respective electorates and exercise some common sense restraint and maturity,” he said.

Gamato added “Destruction of public and private properties is a criminal act and behavior and those responsible will be death under the criminal laws of our country by the law enforcing agencies and the police.

“Resorting to violence to demonstrate dissatisfaction over an election result is irresponsible behavior and in fact unlawful and undemocratic. The appropriate channel through which losing candidates are entitled to dispute election wins of willing candidates is through the court of disputed returns.”

Cedric Patjole