Former UPNG student leader to contest Enga Regional seat

​Former SRC President for UPNG Kenneth Rapa will be contesting against current Governor for Enga, Peter Ipatas for the Enga regional seat.

The former SRC President for UPNG made his intentions known today to run for Enga Regional Seat under Oro Governor, Gary Juffa’s Peoples Movement for Change party.

His intention to run for the regional seat comes after the recent student unrest from the University of Papua New Guinea last year.

“During the unrest, we had a lot of issues that had gone done unsolved between the students and the university administration,” he said.

There was also a failed Commission of Inquiry that did not eventuate of which the fight he took on as a student still remains and that he will stand to represent his people and the students of UPNG.

“My convictions are clean and there is nothing behind my stand except for patriotism and nationalism to pursue this stand.”

He emphasised further that there was never any political intention before but the situation that has happened has made it possible for him to run in this election.

General Secretary and party representative of the Peoples Movement for Change, Roderick Kanama says the party was happy to have Kenneth contest the Enga Regional Seat.

Kanama says party leader Gary Juffa has always been supporting student leaders and some of the things that they have been doing in trying to change the way PNG is governed.

“It is in that spirit that Kenneth has decided to join the party and we welcome him on board,” Kanama says.

Kenneth has been endorsed and in the next couple of days, the forms will be completed with Electoral Commission to formalise his nomination with the Peoples Movement for Change Party.

He will be filing his nomination in Enga  this Thursday.


Picture: (Left) Roderick Kanama, General Secretary and party representative of the Peoples Movement for Change and Kenneth Rapa (Candidate)

Annette Kora