Foreigner suggested to run elections

​From the disappointing turnout of events during today’s NCD polling deferral, suggestions on the electoral process for the future have emerged.

One of such is the need to bring in a neutral person, like a foreigner or most possibly, the United Nations, to run the elections.

This suggestion was made by the sitting Governor Powes Parkop, who described rumours of unethical conduct by certified officials as disgusting.

“Nationals don’t seem to have the ability to deliver smooth, fair and peaceful elections. It’s about time we swallow our pride and allow the EC to be led by a neutral person – a foreigner,” he said.

Governor Parkop pointed to election practice in other countries such as Solomon Islands and Fiji.

“They’ve used Police Commissioners from other countries and this has worked. In PNG, we’ve got too much ego, too much national pride…and at what cost?”

He said there are many reforms needed to be done in the organic law and hopes decisions were made accordingly after this election.

“Even in government, we should recognise that this election process is very fundamental to national outcome and so a concerted effort needs to be made in order to make decisions in the electoral system and management in electoral process.”

Gloria Bauai