Five MPs join PANGU

Five independent MPs have joined PANGU to bolster its numbers to 16.

The MPs include former Prime Minister and Moresby North-West MP, Mekere Morauta, Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe, Rigo MP Lekwa Gure, Wabag MP Dr Lino Tom and South Fly MP Sekie Agisa.

In a media conference in Port Moresby, PANGU Leader Sam Basil announced the addition of the five MPs.

Basil said as a major party in the Opposition, they will move to consolidate their political priorities and pathway. This is mainly focused in agriculture, women and family, church partnership, decentralisation, economic reforms, law and justice, Bougainville and governance.

“We will maintain the virtues of commitment, stability and solidarity. We are consolidating to further the common agenda to restoring micro economic balance and confidence in PNG economy,” Basil said.

The five MPs said the success of Basil’s leadership in bringing back services to the people under the PANGU banner was in alignment to the vision they had, and that is to bring the government back to the people.

Morauta said the party had a long history and they were proud to join under Basil’s leadership.

“We are very pleased to join PANGU and we believe in having strong political parties because that is where the stability will come from.

“PANGU is a household name with a very strong national flavour,” he said.

Meantime, PANGU has boldly predicted that it will add four more MPs to its ranks within the next three months.

Cedric Patjole