Final polling on Tami Island

Yabim-Mape LLG in Finschhafen District, Morobe Province, will conduct its final leg of polling on Tami Island today.

Community liaison officer, Sam Muzoki, said team 95 started polling last Wednesday, July 13th, at Kasanga, ward 7.

Wan nait lo hap, neks dei mipla kam lo Malasiga.

“Lo Fraide, mipla gat problem lo weather, so had lo mipla trevol i kam olsem lo hia so mipla no bin mekim polling.

“Fraide avinun mipla go lo Busiga. Saturday mipla kondaktim ileksen lo Busiga.

The team rested on Sunday, then walked to Mange in the afternoon.

Yesterday morning, Mange started polling.

At around 1 pm, the team packed their materials into a dinghy and traveled to Tami Island but were unable to conduct polling due to the absence of scrutineers and locals.

Team 95 will conduct polling today before the materials are taken to Gagidu and locked up at the Finschhafen Rural Lockup.

Counting is set for Friday, July 22nd.

Carmella Gware